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Our Story
Splitz Grill opened its doors for the first time in December of 1997 in the heart of Whistler B.C. by owners Trevor and Miriam Jackson.
What started out as a tiny 700 sq ft, 10 seat burger joint, quickly became the only place in town to get a truly unique home style burger.
In the spring of 2000 the space next door became available which was more than twice the size. We seized the opportunity and by the summer Splitz Grill had doubled its business in its new roomy location.
The next 5 years saw the line-ups continue as we became known for having the best burger in Whistler. People visit us from all corners of the globe and we are continually told that we have the best burger they have ever tasted.
In late 2005 we decided it was time to open up shop in the heart of our largest loyal customer base, Vancouver B.C.
January 1 2007, the Whistler torch was passed to long-time friends and colleagues Paul and Cathy McGeough who are committed to keeping with the same great food and service.
In Early 2007 we set out on our quest to bring Whistlers best burger to Vancouver. We found this ideal location situated in the heart of the city, right on restaurant row, on Main Street, and opened for business in January of 2008
We are committed to continuing our reputation that was born in Whistler, and hope that you really enjoy your Splitz experience. We look forward to building a lasting reputation as we continue to grow into the future.
From all of us at Splitz Grill, enjoy your burger!
An actual picture of a customers burger, seconds before being wrapped up and sent out to be devoured!!